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e work with our clients to track and monitor insurances and licenses of their business associates. Many companies deal with professions that require licenses. A common practice is to rely on other parties as subcontractors, salesmen and company drivers to conduct the professional duties.

However, did you know that on average, 7 out of every 10 Certificates of Insurance received are non-compliant? Chances are you’re not catching everything you should. Don’t be exposed or put your company at risk due to non-compliance. Trying to track expiration dates of all your incoming types of certificates and licenses, can be time-consuming and costly. Moreover, the consequences of not verifying insurance coverage, licenses expiration’s and compliance’s can put your businesses in risk. Let us handle this burden for you.

123 Docutrack will minimize your business’ risks by maintaining and monitoring your critical records, and notify you BEFORE any issue occurs. State regulations are becoming more and more strict each year. 123 Docutrack is here to offer you a service that will help your company meet the requirements of the State regulations, and avoid consequences of not meeting the proper requirements.

Keep your company safe and compliant. Let us eliminate your headaches.

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